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各位VCE的童鞋们!不知道怎么换算自己的分数?木有关系,ATAR 计算器 ATAR Calculator可以轻松帮你换算!快去下载吧!










·使用'课程'或'大学'或'below ATAR,可以过滤大学课程





Estimating your ATAR or searching for eligible university courses just got easier with Australia’s No.1 online ATAR Calculator now available for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Over 50,000 visitors use the Matrix online calculator every year and is recognised as the most accurate and advanced calculator.


Key features of the official Matrix ATAR Calculator application


· Estimate your ATAR using HSC Marks, Percentiles or Scaled Marks

· Reverse or breakdown your ATAR into HSC Marks, Percentile and Scaled Marks for each of your courses

· Search eligible university courses based on your estimated ATAR

· Filter university courses using ‘Courses’ or ‘University’ or ‘Below ATAR’

· Save your ATAR calculation for future reference

· Email your ATAR calculation as a PDF

· Share via Facebook or Twitter

· Access HSC Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics Formulae and Data Sheets